For Entrepreneurs, Who You Date (And Marry) Will Affect Your Business Success

Let’s admit it, an entrepreneurial life is a unique one. You’ll need to find a partner that will understand you, support you, and help you succeed.

Photo: Ruby Le, founder and CEO of Good Gentleman; Credit:
 Daniel Roberto Photography
Photo: Ruby Le, founder and CEO of Good Gentleman; Credit:
 Daniel Roberto Photography

Who you choose as a partner plays a large part in your success.

After deciding to be an entrepreneur, the thought of how complicated love may get as a business owner probably came across your mind.

Whether you’re single or taken, many new or experienced business owners find their love life suffering at some point. Then consequently, it affects your business because you’re not emotionally or mentally healthy.

Let’s admit it, an entrepreneurial life is a unique one. You’ll need to find a partner that will understand you, support you, and help you succeed.

I’m here to answer the big question, “What kind of partner should I be looking for?” and “Is the relationship I’m in now good for my new life?”

After gathering information from years of helping single professionals as well as being a business owner myself, I found these qualities crucial to having a successful relationship and business.

A happy love life will make a happy business life, so let’s take these five qualities into deep consideration.


1. Adaptability

This is the number one quality that makes any relationship successful, but is more crucial for entrepreneurs. Your life can be headed one direction one day, and then your world turns upside down another day.


Photo: © IVASHstudio, YFS Magazine
Photo: © IVASHstudio, YFS Magazine


In the world of business, you never know when you will fail or succeed. Not only do you need to adapt quickly, your partner does as well. You cannot get involved with someone who has a really hard time with change.

Your life is constantly changing and you need someone who can roll with the punches. Not only does she or he need to have that ability, but do it all with a smile and genuine desire to succeed together.


2. Lifestyle

Free time is limited, especially in the early stages of your business, so it’s important for quality time to be spent doing an activity you both enjoy. Are you an extrovert or introvert? Maybe you’re a little bit of both?

There are plenty of couples who are completely opposite on that scale. However, as an entrepreneur, the more similar you are in this area, the happier you two will feel because you will have met both of your needs simultaneously.


Photo: © UBER IMAGES, YFS Magazine
Photo: © UBER IMAGES, YFS Magazine

When you have quality time to spend with your partner, do you enjoy going on an adventurous vacation? Or do you enjoy a relaxing one? Would you rather watch mindless TV or go to an educational conference? Would you rather stay in or be out with a lot of people? All silly questions you may think, but very important when these free precious minutes mean everything.


3. Communication style

You’ve probably heard it before — communication is key! When you’re having a rough day or really need a favor from your partner, the ability to clearly communicate your needs with it being successfully received without too much of a fuss is crucial.

Business owners are typically more straightforward so if you have someone who is passive aggressive, that is going to take a huge toll on you. The biggest telling factor is how you two resolve conflict. If you’re newly dating, look at how you two figure out plans or navigate directions when you’re lost.


4. Goals and plans

Similar to how you need a business plan, you need a relationship plan. You two need to share the same vision. You do not want to find yourself being invested in a relationship for five years to realize you two never had similar end goals.


Photo: © Boggy, YFS Magazine
Photo: © Boggy, YFS Magazine

Do you want to get married in the future? Do you want a family? By when? Maybe you don’t want any of that and like casually dating, that’s completely okay!

Just make sure your partner knows. These are serious and scary topics to discuss, but it needs to happen. Your life is constantly moving and there is no room for confusion in this area.


5. Growth

I saved the best for last.

As an entrepreneur, you utilize all areas of your brain constantly to keep up. You’re creative, logical, and knowledgeable in a variety of areas. You seek inspiration and motivation everywhere. This should include your partner.


Photo: © katie_martynova, YFS Magazine
Photo: © katie_martynova, YFS Magazine

Except you don’t need to seek it, your partner should naturally inspire you to become better everyday. When you’re neglecting your health, your partner reminds you to drink water and eat vegetables.

When you’re feeling lazy, your partner motivates you because you see him working. You cannot have a comfortable relationship because it will soon leak into your work. You need someone who will challenge you, motivate you, and tell you “no” sometimes.


If you’ve found someone that meets all of those qualities, hold onto them! It’s a rare find to have someone who meets you on those core values.

If you’re still looking, don’t give up! The last thing you want is to neglect your love life, only to reach success, but have no one to share it with.

Do remember to take your time during the search. The biggest career decision you can make is choosing your life partner.


This article has been edited and condensed.

Ruby Le is the founder and CEO of Good Gentleman, a dating coach service for the wrongly labeled “nice guys” stuck in the friend-zone. She’s had years of experience with other matchmaking firms including It’s Just Lunch and is currently the lead matchmaker at eHarmony’s premium service, eH+. With her educational background, extensive experience personally and professionally, she dedicates her life to helping people find the one. Connect with @goodgentleman_ on Twitter.


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