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5 Things To Consider When Hiring A Staffing Agency

Regardless of the industry, every small business needs a highly skilled team of employees who can work towards common goals, and improve sales performance.

Regardless of the industry, every small business needs a highly skilled team of employees who can work towards common goals, and improve sales performance.

Your company demands the formation of quality working connections, which you can find through a staffing agency. Together, you can enhance your company’s hiring process.

To ensure you choose the best agency, here are several things to consider.


How to choose a staffing agency

Your goal is to find the right partnership with a staffing agency. It needs to be a strategic alliance that can help you meet productivity, budget, and attrition goals. The creation of a top-tier workforce makes this achievable.

To achieve this, thoroughly vet your potential partner when choosing a staffing agency.


5 factors to analyze when selecting a staffing agency

Here are five factors to consider that will ensure a firm has the type of talent you need.


1. The type of talent you need

Partner with a firm that can deliver what you need. No matter how specialized the roles or how unique your industry is, a staffing agency must be able to provide the employees you seek. Connect with a niche staffing agency that specializes in your industry, employee type, and operational style. This kind of staffing firm will be able to offer you the top talent and match your specific needs.


2. Recruitment techniques

The way a staffing firm recruits talent can be revealing –– showing you how successful your partnership will be. Also, if you are using the same recruiting channels as a staffing firm, you will want to find another. Ask for details about their recruitment methods and learn about their various techniques. Review the agency’s online and offline ads. Study how recruiters seek out active or passive candidates.

Photo: ZeroThree, Adobe Stock
Photo: ZeroThree, YFS Magazine


3. Transparency

Your staffing provider should help clarify staffing, human resources, payroll, and compliance. If you experience or see any challenges, choose a different agency. You want transparency. A transparent staffing agency will not hide soft costs, avoid answering questions, or hold back details about contracts or commitments. The right firm will provide clarity regarding their offerings, a breakdown of costs, and the level of service you will receive. It must feel like a genuine partnership.


4. Additional services

Take a closer look at the variety of services the staffing agency offers, and if it will help to find the right candidates. Your staffing agency partner can do more than take care of the recruiting and hiring processes. Check to see what additional services the firm offers.

The agency you choose can help your company with various staff support. If you want help with skills testing, training, and onboarding candidates, partner with a firm that offers these services. Review options that align with all of your business needs and expectations.


5. Market knowledge

Ensure the staffing partner you choose is a strategic advisor to your company. The agency needs to provide more than employees. The staffing firm must become an asset you can trust and a recruitment firm you can count on. You will need a partnership that can provide accurate, enlightening, and useful industry and market information.



Before making a choice, learn what makes potential staffing firms successful in recruiting employees. Create a solid relationship with a potential new partner by asking about current recruiting trends and challenges in the market. Find out if the agency is up-to-date.

Ensure your future employees will provide the highest return on your investment by working with the right staffing partner. Become highly familiar with the staffing agency you are considering to be a recruitment partner. This is all crucial to ensuring your hiring plans, onboarding, and training processes are effective.


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