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4 Ways Auto Repair Shops Can Improve Customer Service

Four of the best ways auto repair shops can improve customer service.

Every auto repair shop’s role is to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. However, some establishments have a harder time doing this than others.

After all, tensions can easily arise when it comes to repairing vehicles, with these heavier investments testing people’s patience in more ways than one. People rightly have high standards in place, though the poor treatment of others is never justified.

Still, if you are running an auto repair shop, you should also take customer experience seriously. The best way to do that is to refine your customer service measures and provide a truly memorable and gracious experience for everyone on your premises.

What are the best ways auto repair shops can improve customer service? We have listed four of the most promising suggestions down below.


1. Be empathetic to customer concerns

Some auto repair shop personnel can be all business on the inside and outside. It is not the best approach for engaging customers in any setting, though it is particularly not a good idea in your industry.

It is important to be mindful of the consumer’s experiences up until the point they meet you. On arrival at your shop, they are likely angry, worried, and potentially even stressed. Vehicles are huge investments, and not everybody’s financial status is rock solid, so you must openly empathize with the customer’s position.

Do not take customer frustrations personally if they arrive and are not the best versions of themselves. You and your staff need to be incredibly tactful and patient in dealing with these situations, as almost every customer you encounter will, at best, be inconvenienced and not thrilled to see you. That is just the nature of your business, and it does not mean you should match their energy.

Auto repair shops can also seem like grim businesses both outside and inside. Consequently, it is a good idea to maintain clean, warm, and inviting premises as much as possible. Ensure your lobby has comfortable chairs, a quality television, and some insightful reading materials to keep customers engaged and relaxed. Vending machines for refreshments may also help them get settled.


2. Accept credit card payments

There is a lot of expense when it comes to maintaining vehicles. Many customers can only hope to cover those costs by using a credit card, so you need those capabilities in place at your shop.

Still, some auto repair shop owners can be resistant to these changes. They may think that credit card processing fees will present more complications and make everything harder for themselves and their customers. But this is not the case.

You can make auto repair credit card processing a much easier endeavor by reading online guides from Nadapayments. They explain that while there are some cons to accepting credit cards, you can eliminate the processing feeds by implementing a surcharge program. Everything is easy to follow and understand, so utilize their services for a stress-free approach to it all.

Remember, much of good customer service comes down to convenience these days. After a bruising pandemic and troubled economy, not everybody is willing to splash cash so liberally either. The more steps you can take toward preferred ways of consumer spending, the more successful your auto repair shop is likely to become.


3. Strive to communicate clearly

It can be easy to go through the motions if you do any job for long enough. That said, for your customers, repairs and maintenance on a vehicle can be a fresh experience for them, which means it is likely they will seek a lot of answers.

After all, car repair can be costly, so you and your staff may be in a position where you need to justify the expense. What defects have you identified? Do you and your staff agree on solutions, and can you jointly recommend a fix?

You could use technology to help in this too. Not only can you supply customers with photographic or video evidence of any faulty components, but you can also use dedicated software to draft and issue digital inspection reports. This way, you can provide a more thorough, in-depth education to your customers.

Some customers don’t like to stand in the auto repair shop and listen to a mechanic monologue with long, fancy words for a few minutes. If you can be clear and direct in your verbal explanations and also provide a well-written digital inspection for future clarity, then you can cover all bases without losing the customer’s attention or wasting their time.


4. Keep tabs on online customer reviews

Keep tabs on what your customers say about you. Even those who would not cross you in person will likely share their opinions with others if your service is either exceptional or poor.

Make sure you share the feedback you find with your workers too. It might be that you can respond to certain comments directly to show you have taken comments on board or to try and diplomatically resolve any misunderstandings. It all creates a positive brand image and feeds further engagement.


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