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Advertising Trends Production Studios Should Watch In 2023

Mondlicht Studios producer, Zhanna Travkina shares what advertising trends brands can expect to see in the year ahead.

Advertising has always actively responded to changes in society and technology, instantly adapting to new realities. Understanding these trends will help entrepreneurs tailor their business’s PR and marketing strategy and convey the brand’s value through beautifully crafted communication.

Zhanna Travkina, Producer of Mondlicht Studios and jury member of the NY Advertising Festival, shares what advertising trends brands can expect to see in the upcoming year.



The Cannes Lions Festival just announced a new “Lion” – The Entertainment Lions for Gaming. This was the last thing that had to happen for everyone to understand the gaming experience stays in advertising. According to the Cannes Lions, 74% of projects over the past five years contain gamification elements in one form or another, and it works.

So, 2023 is a great year to start implementing gamification in your marketing strategy. From customizing a product to creating an immersive customer experience, the ability to become a part of a story engages an audience more than any bold slogan.


Less advertising, more storytelling

Look at this year’s popular campaigns. Apple’s recent video can hardly be called an ad. “Escape from the office” is more like a sitcom series than a product ad. It’s interesting to watch; you care about the characters and expect a happy ending. The secret is storytelling, in which brands have been actively investing in recent years.


Artistic touch

This trend can hardly be called new, but it has been increasing in recent years  – a creative idea, atmosphere, and emotion come to the fore. A good example is an animation Mondlicht Studios created for the third season of “Narcos.” The video won several awards, including Clio Advertising and Promax, thanks to the director’s work in the studio, which managed to transfer the passion and danger of Latin American dances to letters made in the form of weapons of the Mexican cartels.

Photo: DC Studio, YFS Magazine, Adobe Stock
Photo: DC Studio, YFS Magazine


More technology and computer graphics

Even during the pandemic, when the industry faced the need to interact with the audience without the ability to conduct traditional presentations and prepare photo shoots, agencies and brands switched to computer graphics, and this trend is only getting stronger. Post-pandemic relaxations made it possible to return to many familiar tools. Still, we rarely see them in their pure form, the best projects are often created at the intersection of technologies.

This is mainly due to the development of software, which today provides much more opportunities and, at the same time, intertwines the entertainment and game industries. For example, everyone started talking about Unreal Engine after the “Mandalorian” series. Still, in the advertisement, UE has been used for quite some time and is becoming increasingly popular yearly. This year, the Mondlicht team has built a separate department to work with projects based on Unreal Engine, as there are more and more of them every month.


Experimentation with formats

Everyone seems to have time to appreciate the outstanding 3D billboards at Times Square and the dragon from the spin-off “Game of Thrones,” which literally flies out of the billboard at you. In addition to the entertainment industry, other brands are also actively using this format – it is worth remembering at least Nike advertising, which turned a billboard into a box with new sneakers. Outdoor advertising is looking for and actively applies new formats.


Creativity in everything

Marketers and economists are in full swing predicting a recession and budget constraints. Still, in addition to highlighting the problem itself, we are immediately hinted at a way out of the situation – creativity. This will allow us to invent new formats, new tools, and new ways of interacting with an audience.



From Greenpiece integration to the latest GTA to Oreo collaboration with Batman, we see many interactions between the brands and products. With beautiful storytelling and a fun idea behind it, this type of advertising project is truly engaging – people Google them, discuss them and wait for them.


Zhanna Travkina is the producer of Mondlicht Studios, a German production studio focusing on outstanding advertising, entertainment, and just beautiful projects.


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