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How To Find A Great Social Media Manager

A talented social media manager can unlock massive potential for your small business.

Social media is huge. There’s no doubt that it can make your business bigger.

From a business perspective, social media has become a significant contributor to how consumers discover and investigate brands and is a major driver of their buying decisions. Businesses of all shapes and sizes now understand that social media is a really important component of their marketing strategies and a key contributor to their business success.

According to Statista, over half of the global population (4.26 billion people) used social media in 2021. Experts predict that that number will increase to almost six billion in 2027.  Everyone who matters to your business is on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms – are you?

A strong social media presence builds brand awareness, bolsters consumer engagement, and builds brand loyalty and it’s simply not something that businesses can ignore.

That’s where a talented social media manager comes in.

They can unlock massive potential for your business by creating and scheduling regular business posts, monitoring trends, engaging with your followers, analyzing the performance of your content, and making constant improvements, but where do you find these gems?


How to find a great social media manager

Unsurprisingly, the best place to find a great social media manager is on social media! Word-of-mouth recommendations are also ideal as they provide a reliable point of reference and eliminate some of the time-consuming groundwork.

You may find this article on how much you can expect to pay for a social media manager helpful in your search for the perfect candidate.

Here are some suggestions for finding recommendations for a social media consultant:


Local business directories

Directories like The Digital Mums Directory are a great place to start, especially if you are looking for a freelance social media manager who works remotely.  Local directories consolidate several resources in one place, saving you time and effort doing the research yourself, and they connect you to a variety of potential candidates quickly and easily.


Industry groups on social media platforms

Industry groups on social media are a valuable resource for business owners.  They’re a great platform for networking, sharing ideas, and exchanging information.  By reaching out to other small business owners in the same industry and asking for recommendations for a social media manager, you’re ensuring you’re getting personal recommendations from people who understand your industry and what your needs might be.


Personal and business social media accounts

Posting a job vacancy on your own social media listings is a good way to spread awareness that you’re looking for a social media manager.


Social media groups

If you belong to some social media groups (for example your local community group for your suburb or a shared interest group), it’s a good idea to post your job vacancy request there.  Someone might know someone who knows someone!


Brand social media accounts

If there are any brands you see on social media whose campaigns/follower engagement/posts really appeal to you, why not reach out to them directly and ask who handles their social media strategy?   If they use a freelance social media manager, they may be perfect for your business too, or at least be able to recommend a colleague who can help.


A final word on hiring a social media manager

A professional social media manager who is dedicated to building your reputation, expanding your following, boosting customer engagement, driving traffic to your website, and ultimately growing your revenues is a must-have for any business wanting to stand out from the competition.

Finding the right person may take a bit of doing, but there is no doubt that the result will be well worth the time and effort.


The Digital Mums Directory helps female service-based businesses grow, the directory gives business owners visibility online to help generate more traffic to their websites, along with a supportive Facebook community that provides education and support. If you are a virtual assistant, social media manager, web developer, photographer, or similar, check us out at digitalexpertsdirectory.com.au.


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