Top 20 Young Entrepreneur’s of 2011

Some entrepreneurship stories captivate, while others inspire. If you think you're alone in your journey - think again. We believe that it's essential for small business owners to...

Some entrepreneurship stories captivate, while others inspire.  If you think you’re alone in your journey – think again. We believe that it’s essential for small business owners to observe the story behind the latest success profile and take a behind the scenes look at savvy startup’s soon to make international headlines.

Find out which entrepreneurship stories were in high demand this year … from epic failures turned triumphant to celebrity endorsed brands.

Committed to sharing stories of discovery, purpose and visionary entrepreneurship pursuits here are the top twenty success stories of 2011, featured exclusively in YFS Magazine.

  1. Jackthreads Founder on Why No Experience and No Contacts Equals Success Read more
  2. Sold Out: UTicketIt Founders Turn an Epic Fail into a Major Win Read more
  3. A 14-Year Old’s Journey from $300 to $2.1 Million Read more
  4. A 21 years-old’s Journey from Zero to $50,000 in Sales Read more
  5. Employee to Entrepreneur, and Why Celebs Now Bling Their Brand Read more
  6. 22 Year-Old Entrepreneur Simplifies Health and Nutrition Read more
  7. Give Up: Why Sacrifice is Essential for Success Read more
  8. 12 Year-old Creates Micro-Fund for Kid Entrepreneurs Read more
  9. Tutorspree: Prioritize, Choose and Execute Non-stop Read more
  10. College Entrepreneurs: How I Built a Profitable Company In 24 Months Read more
  11. Forty-eight Hours, Fifty Dollars and a Twitter Account Read more
  12. Urban Girl Squad: Social Networking with Local Perks Read more
  13. Shaun Walker and Reid Stone: If You Can’t Find a Job, Make One Read more
  14. The Wellness Revolution: Latham Thomas Goes Green for Busy Moms Read more
  15. Divalysscious Mom Lyss Stern Talks Balancing Parenthood and Business Read more
  16. Melissa Dawn Johnson on Turning Every Ounce of Passion into Profit Read more
  17. Scott Gerber on Why You Should Never Get a Real Job Read more
  18. Taylor Spellman Talks Startups, Bachelor Pads and Word of Mouth Read more
  19. Arian Simone Talks Startup Challenges and Her Fearless Journey Read more
  20. Rachel Rodgers on Innovative Legal Council for Entrepreneurs and ‘Going Big’ Read more


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