Top 20 Startup and Small Business Articles of 2014

From productivity and social media wisdom to must-have business apps and advice from successful entrepreneurs, we're here to help you work smarter from the ground up and build...

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  1. Selling Services Online? Avoid These 3 Common Mistakes

    Many business owners are moving away from traditional brick and mortar shops, and starting to realize the wealth of opportunity that is available online. Here are three common mistakes service-based entrepreneurs make when they launch services into the online space (and what you should do instead).

  2. 5 Common Workplace Conflicts Every Small Business Will Encounter

    For employees, unresolved work issues often result in hopelessness, job dissatisfaction, depression, and general unhappiness. If left undealt with these issues can lead to aggression, violence, withdrawal and even resignation; causing deeper problems such as: absenteeism, high employee turnover, and company culture deficits.

  3. 10 Business Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Frank Underwood

    Here’s a look at ten Frank Underwood quotes, and underlying business lessons, every entrepreneur can learn from. Because after all, we love being the boss. We love entrepreneurship “more than sharks love blood.”

  4. Need a Productivity Boost? These 3 Tips Will Change Your Business

    I often get asked how I get so much done. This question surprises me, because I always feel like there’s something more to do. But I guess that means I’m accomplishing the right things! Here are my 3 top tips for increasing productivity.

  5. 4 Really Smart Business Ideas You Haven’t Thought Of Yet

    To build a successful business, your idea must be forward-thinking, flexible, and in demand. It doesn’t matter how well you do something or how much you like your own business idea, if it does not have these three qualities, you are highly unlikely to succeed.

  6. 6 Questions Entrepreneurs Should Ask During an Investor Meeting

    There are no right answers for any of these questions. It’s important that you know what type of relationship you’re entering. Your investors are going to be your partners for the long-run. Most startups focus on ensuring that an investor understands the business. It’s equally important that you vet the investor to make sure she fits with your goals.

  7. Top 20 Startup, Small Business and Entrepreneurship Books of 2014

    Here’s an inside look at this year’s most talked-about books and hidden gems – the best books for startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs. From strategic insight to classics that every entrepreneur should own, we’ve curated a list of twenty books for your reading and business pleasure.

  8. Self-Made Entrepreneurs Have These 7 Things In Common

    Entrepreneurs are a rare breed. It takes confidence, risk tolerance, self-discipline, determination and competitiveness to start a business and see it through to success. Generally, small business owners can come from a myriad of backgrounds and financial and personal support structures, but I most admire entrepreneurs who are self-made.

  9. These 8 Business Beliefs Are Killing Your Startup

    So, why aren’t there more Dropboxes and Airbnb’s? Is the startup success story fated to be like a Hollywood wonder, where only a few actors in LA finally make it to the top? Possibly. But maybe it’s because too many people are clinging to old business beliefs.

  10. 5 Cool Mobile Apps No Entrepreneur Should Be Without

    Often, when you are a small startup it is easy to get lost under a series of never-ending to do lists and paperwork. These time consuming tasks can make it hard for any entrepreneur to stay organized. So, in an effort to make your business life much easier, here’s a look at five creative and smart mobile apps that your smartphone or tablet shouldn’t be without.

Bonus Small Business Articles


  1. 7 Reasons Young Entrepreneurs Should Invest in Real Estate

    The sooner you begin to develop savings and investment habits, the better off you’ll be. You may think that means buying stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Those aren’t your only options. Here are seven smart reasons you should consider investing in income property.

  2. 10 Quick Tips to Organize Your Home Office (and Increase Productivity)

    Working from home definitely has its perks. However, it can often be a lot harder to concentrate because of various distractions in your home. To ensure continuous productivity, organizing your home office is an essential step.

  3. 5 Ways to Be Less Awkward in Business Social Settings

    Being able to communicate with confidence is a gamechanger in business. It’s the difference between getting investors to believe in you, or causing customers to forget about you. If your customers believe you, they’ll buy your product. If venture capitalists are inspired by your passion, they’ll invest in your company. If your staff trusts your vision, you don’t just have a team — you’ve sparked a movement.

  4. How To: Quit Your Job and Do What You Love Full-time

    “Quit your job” isn’t advice you hear very often; however, it just may be some of the greatest advice you will ever receive. Working a full-time position that you dread going to everyday is no way to live. Many people spend most of their day at work, and that can be depressing if you don’t enjoy what you do.

  5. Tim Sykes Reveals 5 Keys to Building a Profitable Company (On Your Own)

    The popular adage, “Your network is your net worth” is wrong. As a self-made multimillionaire and founder of several successful, fast growth and most importantly, profitable, companies, I’ve learned my self-confidence and acquired skills added together are my net worth — it has nothing to do with anyone else.


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