7 Ways To Make Your Company A Top Destination for New Hires

Being on the hunt for a great employee can be challenging. Luckily, there are ways to keep a lookout for talented new hires.

Being on the hunt for a great employee can be challenging. Luckily, there are ways to keep a lookout for talented new hires. Below are some factors to consider when you’re in the recruiting phase:


  1. Make your job listing stand out.

    Making a job listing stand out among dozens if not hundreds of other listings is a critical step in attracting the best employees. Make sure your job listing is clearly written, organized and offers helpful details about the position and the company as a whole.

    Point out unique perks and benefits. Highlight uncommon strengths of your company. Paint a picture for the applicant; Let them know what a day in the life of an employee really looks and feels like. And please, make sure to proofread your listing.

  2. Highlight company values.

    Every company has a set of core values, whether spoken or unspoken. If your company values are a strongly defined part of your culture, be sure to include them in job listings. This can simplify the process of finding potential employees who are interested in the same set of values.

    For example, if your company places strong emphasis on innovation and new perspectives, be sure to mention this. Younger candidates (especially Millennial employees) can be valuable assets when it comes to forward thinking and innovation. Letting them know their new ideas will be appreciated can help your stick out.

  3. Show job candidates a great time.

    When potential employees come in for first interview, having a positive, memorable experience can help make a strong first impression. Be personable. Engage with candidates in a way that let’s them know you’re sincerely interested in them. Get to know the candidates and encourage other employees to do the same. This allows a potential employee to feel comfortable and will make your company stand out as a natural fit.

  4. Host or sponsor a local meetup.

    Sponsoring a Meetup can be a critical part of engaging with the community to recruit potential employees. It shouldn’t take much budget or time, and Meetups can be held as often as monthly. University campuses are an especially great place to host or sponsor a meet-up with potential candidates, since recent or soon-to-be grads will feel right at home on campus. These events will not only showcase your company to younger talent but can attract the non-university crowd interested in getting connected with others in the industry.

  5. Encourage employees to use Glassdoor.

    Glassdoor is a popular a jobs and career marketplace that includes reviews of companies, CEOs, salaries, benefits, interviews, and office environments. It’s an excellent way to see how current and former employees rate your company, and it can be full of surprises.

    For example, you may find it surprising that a company like Nu Skin – who’s been in the center or some recent controversy – has a rating as high as company culture powerhouse Zappos, with an even higher CEO approval rating. Because Glassdoor offers a safe space for employees to speak candidly about your business, it can be a powerful resource for potential new employees.

  6. Promote from within.

    Promoting from within can not only help to boost morale, but can engender a strong sense of loyalty among current employees. Promoting from within the company will also save you money in the long run.

    Hiring a new employee always costs more because of the time and resources spent on getting them in the door. Promoting an employee from within the company, on the other hand, is much more cost effective, since a better title and greater salary is usually ample incentive for current employees.

  7. Have a legitimately great company.

    No matter what recruiting techniques you use, it’s nearly impossible to fool potential employees into thinking you have a great company. If your company really is a great place to work, be sure to maintain it and highlight it.

    If you have a company that is fulfilling a real need in your community or for consumers and if it treats its employees with respect and appreciation, highlight those facts when you’re in the recruiting process. You’ll find people with similar passions and the decision to join your company will be a no-brainer.


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