Become A Great Leader By Cultivating These 10 Skills

These tips should go a long way in helping you mobilize your team effectively, while refining your own leadership skills at the same time.

Most of the time, leaders are thought to be people with outgoing, extroverted personalities. After all, many leaders have charismatic personas and a way with words. Remarkable leaders are not regarded as ordinary people; rather they’re perceived as the chosen ones who have the capability to make great speeches and rally a crowd.

So, where does that leave the introverts and the soft-spoken? Does this mean that they cannot become leaders?

The answer is simple. Anyone can become a leader, but not everyone can be a great leader!

It is a well-known fact that being a leader is no easy task. In fact, it can be extremely challenging, even for the cleverest and the most accomplished of us. It’s just that some people make it look easy. These people are often labeled as natural leaders.

The good news, however, is that even though you may not be born with special leadership qualities, you can still be a good leader. You can always learn and master the skills that make a leader effective.

In this article, we take a look at ten skills that will cultivate the leader within you.


  1. Motivate your team.

    Great leaders are not just prepared for the present, they also think about the future. They have a vision that is clear and convincing, which is what keeps their employees motivated towards achieving it. Such leaders understand that everyone wants to work with an organization that makes a difference to the world. As a leader, you should be able to guide your team members to align their tasks with the impact they have on your customers and the community at large.

  2. Work on problem solving.

    Certain people become leaders because they possess qualities that others do not. This includes superior problem solving abilities. Leaders are hired and trained to solve organizational problems, and to recognize and take advantage of opportunities in the marketplace. This requires them to have outstanding analytical abilities as well as exceptional people skills.

  3. Achieve results.

    Some people wait for things to happen, whereas others make things happen. The latter don’t simply sit on the fence watching the world go by. Rather they take a bull by its horns and bring the situation under their control. Great leaders have high levels of determination, dedication, and the drive to succeed. They’re responsible and can be relied on to get things done.

  4. Maintain integrity.

    Warren Buffet has famously said that honesty is an expensive gift, one which should not be expected from cheap people. And cheap is the last thing that describes a great leader. True leaders have high levels of integrity – they are honest and transparent in their words and actions.

  5. Build a company culture of trust.

    A leader who values integrity is bound to expect his team members to share that quality. Businesses are built on trust and relationships and genuine leaders acknowledge this. No business can be successful in the absence of these two factors. They, therefore, make time to build healthy working relationships with their team, customers, vendors, and the community.


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