YFS Magazine’s 20 Most Popular Articles Of 2015

Out of everything we’ve published in 2015, there were some articles that truly connected with readers across the world. Here’s a look at the 20 most read stories...

This past year, we’ve published hundreds of articles on startup and small business topics ranging from branding and daily operations to fresh productivity hacks and insanely addictive startup inspiration.

We’ve interviewed stand-out entrepreneurs, launched a Summer podcast series and continued to be the voice of hardworking entrepreneurs and experts across the globe. We’ve answered some of the toughest small business questions and made transformational lifestyle recommendations. We’ve shared our take on pop culture-driven business and lessons from the pros. But, out of everything we’ve published in 2015, there were some that truly connected with readers across the world.

Here’s a look at the 20 most read stories we published in 2015.


1. 5 Business Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Bodybuilders

Arnold Schwarzenegger, former bodybuilder turned actor and politician, once said that he learned everything he knows from bodybuilding. If you’re a business man or woman then this is something worth taking note of. After all, Schwarzenegger has proven himself a savvy businessman over the years …


2. 5 Smart Tips to Boost Team Productivity And Achieve More

What is the trade-off between task and goal management? How can you create the right sort of balance? As a leader you’re likely under constant pressure to get your team to perform and achieve planned goals. Although the completion of tasks often lead to goal achievement, this may not always happen. The result is a frustrating situation for the entire team.




3. Inventors: 10 Do’s And Don’ts For Your Elevator Pitch

If you can sell your idea to companies or potential investors, your product could become the bestseller every inventor dreams of creating. A well-designed formal presentation can sell investors on your idea, but before you get to that stage, you’ll likely have occasion to provide an “elevator pitch” — a brief, informal statement that conveys your idea concisely and compellingly.


4. Arvin Lal On How He Built His SHREDZ Empire And Tough Startup Lessons

YFS Magazine talks behind-the-scenes business with entrepreneur Arvin Lal, the founder and CEO of SHREDZ® Supplements, a fast-growth brand in the health and fitness industry. In this episode learn how Arvin built a social media and marketing empire, the real truth about success, hard first steps in business and the tools, tips and advice that entrepreneurs need to succeed.


5. 10 Women Entrepreneurs That Will Inspire You

Women-owned businesses are on the fast-track. And just in case you missed the memo, it’s never been a better time to be a female entrepreneur. According to the 2015 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report published by Womenable and American Express OPEN, “the number of women-owned firms in the U.S. continues to climb, and is now estimated to have surpassed 9.4 million enterprises – 30% of all businesses in the country.”


6. Laurie Davis Talks Social Selling, Personal Branding And Mindset

YFS Magazine talks behind-the-scenes business with entrepreneur Laurie Davis the Founder of eFlirt and Author of Love @ First Click . In this episode we reveal how to build a business using social media, landing a book deal, personal branding, working with a business coach, scaling a service-based business and mindset shifts.


7. 5 Blogging Tips to Establish Yourself as an Expert

Everyone is an expert at something, you just need to let the world know the subject matter of your expertise. Blogging has made the concept of being an expert, or authority in any industry, much easier.


8. 3 Small Business Government Resources You’ve Probably Overlooked

Regardless of your stance on the governments’ role within entrepreneurship ecosystems, they do in fact provide a host of resources and opportunities for startups and burgeoning entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.


9. It’s Never Been A Better Time To Be A Female Entrepreneur

There has never been a better time to start a business, and this certainly rings true if you’re a woman. More than ever before women are not only starting companies, but leading them to greatness and profitability.


10. 10 Reasons Your Startup Clothing Line Will Fail (And What To Do Instead)

So, you want to start a clothing line and break into the fashion business? These days it seems everyone wants a piece of the apparel industry. Many entrepreneurs want to start a clothing line and market it, but unfortunately not many make it past the year mark.


11. 8 Business-Based TV Shows Every Entrepreneur Should Watch

Even super-charged entrepreneurs need a chill-break every now and again, and what better way to kick back and relax, than some “Tube Time”?! Here are eight fantastic shows that will get your entrepreneurial motor running.


12. So, You Want To Be A Life Coach? The Reality May Shock You

Before we begin, let’s clear the air. I love coaching. I’m a certified professional coach. So, this article isn’t intended to belittle or take the spark out of life coaching. The purpose is to show you a little more grey and a lot more transparency.


13. 11 Motivational Videos That Will Inspire You To Succeed

Life coach Tony Robbins was recently interviewed by SUCCESS magazine to share insights on how to achieve the extraordinary. Robbins suggests that, “The No. 1 thing people need is a ‘compelling future, something to look forward to that excites you,’ he says. ‘Something that will get you up early and keep you up late… It doesn’t take 10 years to have a breakthrough—it’s a moment…’”


14. The Influencers: 20 Entrepreneurs You Should Be Following On Twitter

Twitter is a great resource for entrepreneurs – instantly connecting you to the people, news, events and inspiration you care about. But the microblogging platform, while known for its growth, is also muddled with a lot of noise. So, we’re cutting through the twitosphere clutter to reveal a few of our favorite curators, thought leaders, and conversation starters.


15. Mind-Blowing Trends On The Rise of Female Entrepreneurship (Report)

American Express OPEN and Womenable, a research, program and policy development consultancy whose mission is to improve the environment for women-owned enterprises worldwide, recently released its fourth annual report—an investigation into the state of women-owned businesses in the United States.


16. Entrepreneurs Reveal 13 Online Tools They Can’t Live Without

It’s no secret. Access to high quality, budget-friendly online business tools that simplify standard business operations and make life easier are in high demand. So, we asked entrepreneurs which business tools they can’t live without.


17. 5 Tech-Savvy Ways To Streamline Small Business Bookkeeping

Whether you’ve been doing your own books or you’ve hired a part-time bookkeeper to work with your company, you know just how problematic accounting can be. Technology is the answer. In fact, it’s playing a larger and larger role in how small businesses keep their books and its impact has been nothing less than liberating.


18. 7 Signs You’re Absolutely Ready To Start Your Business

Being your own boss, running your own business, earning a lot of money sounds like heaven on earth, right? It is! But there is a lot of hard work that goes on behind-the-scenes. Starting a business is not child’s play; you need to physically, psychologically and economically prepare before you jump.


19. 12 Things Mentally Tough Entrepreneurs Don’t Do

Successful entrepreneurs possess key characteristics — one of them is mental strength. Mental mastery takes time and commitment – it’s more than reciting affirmations and wishing that one day you’ll have what it takes.


20. 25 Online Business Tools And Apps For High-Growth Entrepreneurs

Which online tools and apps help entrepreneurs work smarter and support high growth goals? Here’s a look at twenty five online tools and apps we simply can’t get enough of…


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