8 Essential Online Resources For Content Marketers

Nowadays, marketers are investing larger portions of their marketing budget for content creation.

Today’s marketers and small businesses have more to consider than creating catchy ads. Earning the trust of your audience and building a relationship with customers is not something you’ll earn from traditional marketing approaches. Nowadays, marketers are investing larger portions of their marketing budget for content creation.

However, content creation, just like any other marketing strategy, takes time and energy. Not only do you have to maintain a robust website with awesome content, but also build a solid presence on major (and relevant) social media platforms. Unlike traditional marketing strategies, content marketing is not a one-time task. Content needs to be updated regularly to keep your brand fans engaged.

Since content marketing can be a bit overwhelming at times, there are a plethora of tools and resources to aid the content creation process. Here are some the best tools:


1. Hubspot

Hubspot is the leader when it comes to inbound marketing. Their platform has plenty of marketing tools to help you create and monitor blog posts, landing pages, and other content marketing initiatives.

Providing a content management system and analytics are Hubspots main specialties. However, you can also find content scheduling tools that will allow you to seamlessly publish on your social channels without having to re-visit them every time. Hubspot also delivers fresh articles and whitepapers on how marketers grow their businesses through content marketing. Some of the tips and advice are gold!


2. Copify

Need a good copywriter to handle content creation? Hire high quality copywriters on Copify. Unlike other on-demand sites, there’s no hassle of sifting through proposals or bids. Tell Copify what you need and they’ll select the best fit for you. Copify also ensures you get quality content with a rigorous selection process that all copywriters must go through. This is a great way to avoid the hassle of writing quality content yourself.


3. Trello

Content marketers can do a lot with organization tools like Trello. Trello offers a calendar, sticky note pad, and to-do list consolidated into one, neat package. This works great as a collaboration tool as well since Trello users can share what they’ve been up to with their team members. This card-based board is a great way to remind yourself, as well as your team, of current progress.


4. Feedly

Need a little help with content discovery? Have Feedly do the job for you. Feedly is without a doubt, one of the most popular content curation tools you will find. Feedly boasts 7 million users a month who resort to the app to help them find relevant news, blogs, articles, and other content.


5. Buffer

A content marketer already has their hands full with creating compelling blogs and landing pages. With social media management as well, finding the time to research your hit list can become very challenging. Buffer, the number one social media management tool, is ideal for this purpose. With Buffer, you can A/B split test headlines, content, and compare stats to learn what works best.


6. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is the go-to email marketing software for many small business marketers. Email marketing is an established and proven practice in the online marketing space. With the right email marketing software, you can create appealing and custom emails or newsletters using drag-and-drop features. Simply add your opt-in contacts from your email subscriber list, integrate it with social media accounts, and track your progress.


7. Canva

If you’re looking for a web-based tool to create compelling graphics and infographics, Canva is just what you need. Canva makes graphic design ridiculously simple, even for the novice content marketer. Use Canva to create shareable images and tell visual stories with statistics and insights.


8. HootSuite

Worried about your online reputation? Content marketers have to deal with a lot of social media buzz. HootSuite will allow you track negative content floating around the about your brand. Manage and auto-schedule your social posts, monitor your brand image, receive notifications for mentions and more!


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