Hiring New Employees And Tinder Have So Much In Common

In an average of six seconds, most hiring managers have already decided whether to swipe right or left on a candidates resume.

I hate to admit it, but the hiring process is a lot like the dating app, Tinder. When you or your HR manager receives an initial stack of applicant resumes, the recipient is forced to make split decisions, not based on the resume content, but on its visual appeal.

In an average of six seconds, most hiring managers have already decided whether to swipe right or left on a candidates resume. A swipe right conveys the employers desire to get to know you and take a closer look at your resume. A swipe left, however, sends a resume to the trashcan.


Swipe right for new hire potential

We can be certain that six seconds is nowhere near enough time to read through a candidates skills and qualifications, so the decision often comes down to the first impression. Yet unlike those looking to hook-up on Tinder, it’s hard to blame an employer for being superficial.

Employers, especially fast growth startups and small businesses, receive an overwhelming number of applications. This surge in applicants and mounting talent wars in certain markets has put more pressure on companies to spend less time on each resume in order to get through all the candidates on time.


Embracing the Tinder model for recruiting

Due to the massive popularity of the Tinder app, companies are now incorporating the actual swipe-and-match ‘Tinder model’ to the job search.

For instance, the Switch app is at the forefront of the mobile job search revolution by empowering job seekers to get hired with speed and ease, and helping employers source top talent more efficiently than ever.

The app provides candidates with your most recent job listing and they can either swipe right to show interest or swipe left to pass. When users swipe right on a position, the employer is notified and given the opportunity to swipe right or left on the candidate based on their profile and resume. If the interest is mutual, then both parties can start a direct conversation and set up a time for an interview.

This new mobile recruiting format allows companies to upload open positions in minutes, and browse through qualified candidates. Switch then sends recommendations based on your job description and keywords. Switch just might become the new normal for recruiting.


A practical look at Tinder-like hiring

Still not convinced that the hiring process is like Tinder? Take this quick resume challenge for a quick refresher on how easily you come to quick decisions about a candidates resume.


Make your recruitment process easier

After taking the resume challenge above, how did you judge the ten customer service resumes? With only six seconds, I’m willing to bet that most of you based your decision on the overall aesthetics of each resume.

 The visual appeal of resumes includes a balance between white space and text, clearly labeled headings, easy-to-read fonts, subtle color schemes, or candidates that have used professionally designed resume templates.

It seems as though every year, talent acquisition and retention remains a critical issue for many employers. While some of the nuances of recruiting cannot be avoided, utilizing recruitment apps, like Switch, can make recruiting more human – and put names and faces to your company and the candidates that pique your interest.

Finding, retaining, and developing quality talent can become easier with the right tools. And once you find the right talent, you’re equipped to build a team that will take your business to the next level.


This article has been edited and condensed.

Erik “EPIC” Episcopo is a career adviser and hiring manager at Resume Genius, home of the world’s best resume builder. Erik strives to provide the most useful resume advice to hard-working Americans. If he needs a break from fixing the unemployment rate, Erik can be found on the basketball court, rooting for the Memphis Grizzlies, or stuffing his face with delicious morsels of goodness. Connect with @TheResumeGenius on Twitter.


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