6 Covert Ways To Grow Your Business Using Facebook Groups

Even though you can use Facebook Groups to promote your business, don’t forget that your main goal is to build a community.

Photo: Simona Trendafilova; Credit: 
Simeon Uzunov Photography
Photo: Simona Trendafilova; Credit: 
Simeon Uzunov Photography

How many Facebook Groups are you part of? Maybe 1, 5 or a 100?

In late 2015 Facebook reported that more than 850 million people used its Groups feature each month. In January 2016 Mark Zuckerberg announced that 1 billion people had used the Groups feature in a single month.

There are tons of new Facebook Groups created every single day. So what does that mean for your business?

While a Facebook Page is a necessity for most businesses, there aren’t many who really understand and make use of the marketing opportunities provided by the Groups feature. If you still haven’t considered using Facebook Group for your business, it’s time that you do.

Here’s a look at 6 ways to integrate Facebook Groups into your Facebook marketing strategy and grow your online business.


1. Validate new business ideas for free.

Making sales on social media is simply a result of creating a product or service that your customers want. So how can you accomplish this? Just go ahead and ask the people! Don’t guess or assume that you know what they want from your business.

People tend to be much more open in Facebook Groups and you’ll be surprised at the real customer insights you can get there for free! In my experience, this is one of the fastest ways to do a market research before committing fully to new ideas.


2. Test new messaging and content.

When you share content with people in your Facebook Group, see which posts spark engagement. If a certain topic is a hot topic, you can develop it further in a blog post, ebook, video, webinar, or Periscope training.

Also, test headlines for your lead magnet (e.g., your webinar, free ebook, audio series etc.) Brainstorm 3 headlines and create a poll asking your group to vote. This way you can ensure that you’re only creating something that your audience really wants. Best of all, you’re involving them in the creative process.


3. Provide added value for customers.

Create an exclusive Facebook Group which is only available for people who have already purchased a product or service from you. This will not only make them feel special and rewarded, but it will also help you build long-term brand loyalty. You can even offer a higher level of customer support in the group, thus improving customer experience.


4. Cultivate meaningful relationships.

Facebook Groups are a great way to meet new people and build relationships. I don’t mean only relationships with potential clients, but also with potential business partners and referrals. You can grow your company’s exposure through new contacts, whether it’s writing a guest article, being a guest speaker in a webinar, obtaining a speaking engagement and much more.


5. Build your email list.

Once you’ve created a community and you’ve built your know, like and trust factor you can invite Facebook Group members to join your email list. Since they have been part of your community already they know what to expect. If they join your email list you know they’re high-quality leads.


6. Build your Facebook audience.

Running Facebook Ads to target a custom audience that knows you and your business usually have much lower conversion costs and result in more leads that convert. You can use your Facebook Group to create a custom audience by inviting group members to visit your website where you have installed Facebook Pixel. This can be accomplished by sharing blog articles, free resources, lead magnets, and others website links in your group.


Even though you can use Facebook Groups to promote your business, don’t forget that your main goal is to build a community. Be a person, not a business. Engage in conversations, support your group members, nurture them with value-packed posts and be your authentic self.


This article has been edited and condensed.

Simona Trendafilova teaches women entrepreneurs how to launch, grow and nurture their own highly successful Facebook Group that promotes their online business. She helps them create simple strategies to get their first paying clients from Facebook Groups on a budget! Connect with @STrendafilova on Twitter.


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