How Your Mindset Can Make Or Break Your Business

We all have a "story". We all have thoughts and feelings that are so deeply engrained in us, we don’t even notice we’ve created a fable in our...

Photo: Andrea V. Schroll, LICSW; Credit: Lorna Stell Photography
Photo: Andrea V. Schroll, LICSW; Credit: Lorna Stell Photography

We all have a “story”.

We all have thoughts and feelings that are so deeply engrained in us, we don’t even notice we’ve created a fable in our mind.

These thoughts eventually lead to the way we feel about ourselves, and others, and shape our mindset in either a positive or negative way.

Having a positive mindset is a key factor in reaching your personal and professional goals, but it can be hard work to keep things positive when something goes wrong.

Your mindset can keep you on track toward your goals regardless of any challenges you encounter along the way, so it’s important to watch the way you think.

If you find that your mind wanders from idea to idea, or you feel a bunch of different emotions throughout the day, it’s important to stay focused and create a set plan to achieve a positive way of thinking.

In your plan, create a list of specific achievable action steps that lead to your ultimate goal, and then work on at least one task each day to help you get the outcome you want.


Building a successful mindset

Having a lack mindset or a negative outlook on life can turn into something bigger than you could imagine.

People who typically focus on the negative things in life, tend to internalize a whole slew of gloomy emotions. Without even realizing it, these people attract negative energy into their lives. At the same time, they’re giving off pessimistic vibes when they’re with other people.

This can make things extremely problematic when managing a business.

Many businesses grow and thrive from relationship building. In order to form appropriate working relationships with others, you have to possess and display positive leadership skills that will attract customers, clients and employees to want to work with you.

This is precisely where your mindset can make or break your business.


The power of a mindset shift in business

If you’re feeling generally pessimistic about something (or someone) in your business, it’s going to be near impossible to shake those feelings and work to your full potential. As a best practice, tackle these concealed emotions in the most authentic way.


Photo: © rohappy, YFS Magazine
Photo: © rohappy, YFS Magazine

Be true to yourself and evaluate what the real, underlying issue is, and work to shift your mindset into looking for a solution instead of dwelling on the problem.

A positive mindset is one of the key components to growing and establishing a prosperous business. Positivity breeds productivity and success, but what I often find is that people have no idea how to shift their mindset.

The truth is, it’s not as simple as it sounds.

Again, these thoughts can be so deeply rooted that it may take a great deal of consistent practice to reach your desired outcome.

One exceptionally effective way to shift your mindset for lasting results is to focus on the progress that takes place during the workday, not all of the tasks that are left unfinished or the setbacks that occurred throughout the day.

Strongly and energetically focusing on improvements, breakthroughs and accomplishments will be a complete game changer for your business and your mindset. Start today and watch the massive transformations that take place in your life and business.


This article has been edited and condensed.

Andrea Schroll is a licensed psychotherapist and authentic brand strategist for emerging entrepreneurs. Andrea is passionate about helping others succeed personally and professionally, and she thrives off of giving her clients the exact tools they need to build an irresistible business and live their most fulfilling life. Connect with @andrea_schroll8 on Twitter.


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