Are These 5 Mindset Blocks Sabotaging Your Business Success?

You have this passion and burning desire to build a profitable business and make an impact on the world. You know it’s possible because you see others with...

Photo: Kristi Dear, Success Coach; Source: Courtesy Photo
Photo: Kristi Dear, Success Coach; Source: Courtesy Photo

You know what needs to be done.

You hold the vision clear as day in your mind.

You have taken the courses, built the relationships, created a business plan, and possibly have years of experience under your belt.

You take the right action steps, you think big, and you are a go getter.

You have this passion and burning desire to build a profitable business and make an impact on the world. You know it’s possible because you see others with an enviable lifestyle, but you feel stuck!

So what’s going on?

It starts with your subconscious programming.


Is your mind working against you?

“The subconscious mind is a massive memory storage [unit] with virtually unlimited capacity and space. It’s function is to store and recall memory forever so you don’t have to keep relearning the same things every day. It’s where the blueprint of all your habits, beliefs, memories, learning and physiological processes are held, so you can easily navigate your world and stay consistent with your programmed identity.”

This part of your mind is responsible for roughly 85% of daily thoughts, patterns and behaviors and it can sometimes sabotage the success of even the most dedicated and passionate entrepreneurs.

The good news is that you can change the programming of your subconscious mind, and make your mind start working for you.

Here are the five most common mindset blockers that can keep us stuck, and what you can do about them.


1. Listening to the little critter in your head.

Ah … that little voice of fear and self-doubt that sneaks up on you at just the most opportune time. It often asks questions like, “Who am I to do this?” or “What if I fail?” Just when things are looking up your mind has other plans.


Photo: YFS Magazine
Photo: YFS Magazine

The goal of our subconscious mind is to keep us feeling safe, loved and protected. Part of our subconscious programming is aimed at protecting us from just walking off a cliff and falling to our own death by predicting what could go wrong.

But when we are trying to expand our businesses and move outside of our comfort zones these safety switches don’t work in our favor. Our subconscious mind thinks it is doing us a favor by trying to protect us, but in this situation it only gives us a false since of security.

The next time you hear that little critter ask yourself, “Why do I believe this?” Then choose to shift your focus and think of three of your best qualities.


2. Thinking of selling as being ‘icky’ or ‘sleazy’.

Do you have this great product or service, but you don’t like the “sales” part? Asking for money or talking about what you offer reminds you of all the times you felt pressured to buy something when you really didn’t want to. So you find yourself not offering people an opportunity to work with you or buy from you way too often. Think of these thoughts as a disservice to your potential clients.

Could your products or services help just one person? What if you met that one person and you didn’t say anything and that one person walked away when they could have benefited from your business? Think of selling as offering an opportunity. Place your focus more on the transformation being offered, and the outcome you are providing, instead of selling. Believe in what you do, and get excited about sharing it.


3. Projecting your money story onto others.

We all have our own money stories which consist of our own thoughts, beliefs, and personal experiences around money. Many times we take our own stories and project them unto our potential clients and think that our money stories are the same. Then we decide whether they can afford what we are offering.


Photo: © michael spring, YFS Magazine
Photo: © michael spring, YFS Magazine

Don’t undervalue yourself or your business just because you assume someone can’t afford it. Run the numbers and determine the fair market value of your offering. Ensure your pricing strategy reflects the value you create. People will pay you if they can see the value and believe you can solve their problem.


4. Waiting for the ‘right time’ to become visible.

Is there ever a perfect time? We can totally overthink, over-analyze, and be way too hard on ourselves. We can critique ourselves all day long trying to be perfect, and frankly it’s exhausting. The best way to take action is to just start.

Go with what you know for now, rock it out! Then add on as you grow and learn. Start simple, and take each step as an opportunity for improvement. Is there really ever failure or just an opportunity to learn and grow? It depends on how you look at it. I’m sure that what you know right now can offer support or information to at least one person.


5. Getting side tracked and staying stuck in overwhelm.

Okay. This may be rough, but here it goes. Being overwhelmed is a choice. I used to operate in overwhelm mode, but then I realized that it was just a choice. We all have the same amount of time in each day.

So, if I felt like I didn’t have the time, then I realized I was the only one who could change that. I decided to use my time wisely and structure my days. This has helped me to knock out my goals, stay laser focused, and step out of overwhelm.

First, write down your goals for the month and make them tangible. Place them where you can see them daily. Next, break it down into weekly goals, and then daily goals. Ask yourself each morning “What is the most important task I need to do today that will get me one step closer goals for the day?”

You can even number them from the highest priority to lowest. Once you are finished with that step, cross it out and move to the next and the next. 
 Knowing the intention behind each action step that you take is important too.


This article has been edited and condensed.

Kristi Dear is a mindset mentor, success coach, author and speaker. Kristi has published many articles in newspapers and magazines, appeared on every local news Channel in the Dallas/Ft Worth area, and appeared in the Dallas Morning News twice. Her mission is to inspire people from around the world to go big, live their dreams, and make great money doing it!
 She is married and a mom to three children. Connect with @CoachwithKristi
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