Three Academia-Related Small Business Ideas For College Students

Increasingly, universities themselves are agents of entrepreneurship. Here's a look at three academia-related business ideas for students.

Access to education and information is a powerful tool that can change lives. Entrepreneurs who have found their entrepreneurship calling during the pursuit of higher education are a testament to this fact. College entrepreneurs starting their own companies often leverage resources at their colleges and universities. Increasingly, universities themselves are agents of entrepreneurship.

For talented students who juggle a full class load and business plans, it can become quite profitable and successful. Elizabeth Shirley, the founder, and CEO of the online writing help resource essay writers service is one example, of such ingenuity.

Shirley launched her small business in college along with two friends – Hannah Taylor and Susan Martinez while pursuing a college degree. As an avid learner herself, she realized she could assist college peers, struggling in their assignments, with the completion of various educational tasks.

Nearly two decades later, the entrepreneurial trio continues to provide written assignment assistance to college students. While the founders of EssayWriterService are one example of a successful business idea for college students, here’s a look at three academia-related business ideas for graduate and undergraduate students.


1. Scientific writing services

Are you a strong writer with a research interest? If so, launching a research paper writing company may become a profitable business idea.

Publishing scientific manuscripts remains crucial for researchers who need to communicate their research findings. Scientific writing services can save clients time and produce masterful documents ready for successful submissions.

If you are keen on writing and have rather impressive experience writing essays, case studies, white papers, reviews, and other educational documents, it’s a perfect startup idea. It is rather easy for university students to build a website and market writing services to a host of students and faculty in higher education institutions throughout the country. Students and researchers alike will often purchase writing assignments to assist with their learning and research endeavors. Just be sure to comply with university regulations and policies.


2. Online tutoring services

College students with subject-matter expertise can easily provide online tutoring services to a local and global network of individuals.

Tutoring is big business. “The global online tutoring services market size was valued at USD 4.81 billion in 2019 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR)of 16.1% from 2020 to 2027. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics, higher education levels led to increased earnings and higher employment rates. This supports the adoption of online mobile learning methods for all age groups and course types.”

Meanwhile, according to IBISWorld, “Over the majority of the five years to 2020, the industry has recorded strong growth due to increasing internet access in households and consumers’ greater preference for online services over in-person ones.”

Private tutors will always be in high demand. Students enrolled in graduate and undergraduate programs with in-depth subject knowledge can serve as an educational coach and register at peer-tutoring centers in various universities or post ads with local community boards. There are plenty of grassroots and online marketing opportunities to grow an online tutoring business, beyond a local university.


3. Curriculum vitae and resume writing

Recent college graduates and life-long learners will need updated competency-based resumes or a credential-based curriculum vitae (CV) for roles in academia, scientific research, and medical fields.

It’s not always easy for individuals to provide a comprehensive (and often lengthy) listing of their education, certifications, research experience, and professional affiliations and memberships. In competitive job markets, the quality of a resume or CV is paramount. If you possess strong writing skills, a resume writing business could provide additional income while you pursue a degree.


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