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3 SEO Tips for Interior Designers

If you want to attract more of the right interior design clients, you need to market yourself online. Here are 3 SEO tips interior designers can leverage.

Joelle Nesen, the creative force behind Maison Inc. Joelle rightly said, “there are no rules” when it comes to interior design. Yet everyone can use a few tips and tricks in order to excel in the interior design industry.

Over the past few years, interior design has evolved considerably. There are always new trends to adopt. Interior designers are no longer restricted to design the inside of buildings, homes, schools, offices, or health facilities, but also aid in designing exterior spaces, merchandising, and architecture.

If you know your niche and now want to attract more of the right clients, you need to market yourself through multiple mediums – especially online. If you are a freelancer, one of the easiest and impactful ways is to create a strong digital portfolio and website. Your website should be designed in a way that it speaks for your work and showcases your skills. Next, optimize your interior design website with SEO best practices to rise above competitors and reach your audience.

Here are some of the best SEO tips interior designers can leverage:


Use the right keywords

Most people who belong to this industry often label their business as ‘interior designers’, while some still market themselves as ‘interior decorators’. Your business category name plays an important role in bringing you the right business. Hence, conduct thorough research and see which words you want to use on your website and how you want to project yourself to the masses.

You can either get in touch with an SEO freelancer, like SEO Geek, or get professional help. SEO experts employ a team of professionals who can establish a brand persona and analyze Google trends to develop the right keyword strategy.


Add your company listing online
Online directories are super important for you, especially if your business is you. This is because your information will not get distributed by itself. Having a presence in online directories will increase the chances of appearing in local searches. If you are already an established business, then please ensure that your listing represents you in major directories and your information is up-to-date. You can find many online directories for interior designers online.


Blogging and content marketing are essential
The more frequently you blog and create content about relevant topics, the likelihood of site ranking improvements will increase. The more keyword phrases you use on your website, the more chances of it appearing in search results. So, optimize your company blog for SEO. Upload high quality photos and ensure to post regularly and frequently, once or twice a week at least. You can create a couple of blogs in advance and schedule content to be published during the month.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is critical for interior design business growth and having the right help can be beneficial in many ways.


Craig Lebrau is the CMO of Media Insider, a Wyoming-based PR company that aims to disrupt the way companies communicate their brand in the digital era.


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