20 Most-Shared Startup, Small Business and Entrepreneurship Articles of 2012

Here's an inside look at our most shared stories across social media this year.

11. Study: There’s Never Been a Better Time for Entrepreneurship Read more

12. Ultimate CEO Playlist: 40 Songs Entrepreneurs Rock Out To Read more

13. Startup Golden Rules: 5 Smart Ways to Deal with Haters in Business Read more

14. Never Give Up, Fail Early, Fail Often: An Open Letter to Entrepreneurs Read more

15. Dear Congress: Please Don’t Sensor the Web #SOPA Read more

16. 25 Quotes to Inspire Entrepreneurs Read more

17. 5 Business Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn from High Performance Athletes Read more

18. Startup Stories: Why I Happily Left Corporate America and Six Figures on the Table Read more

19. 5 Must-Read Business Books for Successful Entrepreneurs Read more

20. Spotted: 10 Houston Entrepreneurs to Watch Read more

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21. 19 Do It Yourself Small Business Marketing and Sales Tips Read more

22. Spotted: 10 NYC Entrepreneurs to Watch Read more

23. Lifestyle: 5 Reasons Why Fitness Should be a Priority for Entrepreneurs Read more

24. 20 Entrepreneurs Share How to Increase Small Business Sales Read more

25. Small Business Experts Reveal How to Plan for Success in 2013 Read more

26. 10 Simple Social Media Marketing Tactics You Can Employ in 10 Days or Less Read more

27. What You Need to Succeed: The 3 T’s of Entrepreneurship Read more

28. 15 Entrepreneurs Reveal How They Overcame Small Business Challenges Read more

29. 10 Questions with Style Expert, Beauty Editor and Entrepreneur Tai Beauchamp Read more

30. Eliminating Entrepreneurship Fear: 5 Things to Consider Before you Take the Plunge Read more


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*Data includes articles published in 2012. Social media data includes Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus statistics.

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