20 Most Popular Small Business Articles of 2014, So Far

Here's a look at twenty readers choice picks that entrepreneurs can't seem to get enough of.

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In business, there’s often so much to do and so little time. That also applies to gathering the right information and making it actionable. So, in an effort to help you work smarter from the ground up, we’re on a full-throttle mission to deliver some of the best tips, tricks and information to help you succeed. From productivity to tips and coveted business lessons, to social media, branding, online marketing and more — we’ve got you covered.

Here’s a look at twenty readers choice picks that entrepreneurs can’t seem to get enough of:


  1. 5 Business Tools and Apps Your Employees Will Love

    Your workforce is the backbone of your small business. Some may argue that it is your human resources department, or an external recruiter that makes it all possible. While that is certainly open to debate, one irrefutable fact remains: The quality of the people doing the work determines the quality of an organization. One of the best ways to equip your people is through the use of tools to help them do their job better, with ease. From task execution to expense reporting and more, here’s a look at five business tools that you, and your employees, will benefit from.

  2. 3 Lessons Large Corporations Can Learn from Small Business

    It’s easy to think that big businesses must be doing everything right. After all, how else would they grow to such an impressive size? What most small business owners don’t realize is that while there are many advantages to doing business as a large company, there are typically some large flaws that hold many of them back. Most successful small businesses don’t have these types of issues and there’s a lot they can teach major corporations. Here’s a look at three lessons in particular.

  3. How to Make Your Brand #Instafamous by Using Instagram

    If you’re not using Instagram for business, you are leaving money on the table. Instagram is the hottest social platform and with the decreased visibility of Facebook brand pages, what better way to build your brand for free by having fun on Instagram and reaching thousands?

  4. Selling Services Online? Avoid These 3 Common Mistakes

    Many business owners are moving away from traditional brick and mortar shops, and starting to realize the wealth of opportunity that is available online. Here are three common mistakes service-based entrepreneurs make when they launch services into the online space (and what you should do instead).

  5. Need a Productivity Boost? These 3 Tips Will Change Your Business

    I often get asked how I get so much done. This question surprises me, because I always feel like there’s something more to do. But I guess that means I’m accomplishing the right things! Here are my 3 top tips for increasing productivity.

  6. 5 Surprisingly Simple Business Ideas for First-Time Entrepreneurs

    In today’s market there have never been more ways for inventive and creative people to make money on their own terms. No longer do you need to come up with the next great invention to make significant sums of cash. As long as you have the determination and ability to make money and deliver excellent service, you can succeed as a first-time entrepreneur. Here are five sure-fire business ideas to help you get you started.

  7. These 8 Business Beliefs Are Killing Your Startup

    We have the talent, we have the ideas, and there is plenty of market demand for smart products and killer services. Our current economy has enough space to accommodate the growth of one hundred times more startups into fully-scaled, sustainable businesses. So, why aren’t there more Dropboxes and Airbnb’s? Is the startup success story fated to be like a Hollywood wonder, where only a few actors in LA finally make it to the top? Possibly. But maybe it’s because too many people are clinging to old business beliefs.

  8. 5 Ways to Be Less Awkward in Business Social Settings

    Though many entrepreneurs excel at building businesses, one thing they struggle with is basic interpersonal communication skills. In fact, many feel business conversations can be painfully awkward. Is this you? Do you have a minor case of social anxiety? Are you more comfortable online rather than offline? If so, take a deep breath. No, really. Take a deep breath. I have good news.

  9. 5 Cool Mobile Apps No Entrepreneur Should Be Without

    Often, when you are a small startup it is easy to get lost under a series of never-ending to do lists and paperwork. These time consuming tasks can make it hard for any entrepreneur to stay organized. So, in an effort to make your business life much easier, here’s a look at five creative and smart mobile apps that your smartphone or tablet shouldn’t be without.

  10. 10 Quick Tips to Organize Your Home Office (and Increase Productivity)

    Working from home definitely has its perks. However, it can often be a lot harder to concentrate because of various distractions in your home. To ensure continuous productivity, organizing your home office is an essential step. So, here are ten quick tips to help you get started.

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